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Packard TechnologiesLDSBookClub.com is owned and operated by Packard Technologies L.L.C, a Utah company since 1994. Packard Technologies was a pioneer in eBook publishing and are a leading publisher in the industry having developed over 80,000 works. They have also published dozens of hard and softbound works, CD-rom and DVD-rom libraries, and have even developed a large presence in the custom pen industry. They have a large presence in the Amazon Kindle Store, the Barnes & Noble Nook Store, and have also developed several popular study apps on the Apple App Store.

Packard Technologies is the developer and publisher for the Bruce R. McConkie and Joseph Fielding McConkie eBook titles. You can access the McConkie Collection at McConkiebooks.com.

Packard Technologies owns and operates the following websites:

Carlos PackardCarlos Packard is the owner of Packard Technologies. His main goal has been to utilize our ever advancing technology to enhance the way we study and learn. He was a pioneer in the development of individual eBooks and eBook collections and libraries. He began electronic text development in the early 1990s. His products have been purchased or downloaded in virtually every country around the world. His developments and publications have been bestsellers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Costco. They have been featured at the Glenn Beck Show, Heritage Foundation, Regnery and others.

Carlos is married and has 7 children. He loves the outdoors, sports, and spending time with friends and family.


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